allinea - Now part of ARM

Allinea MAP licensing

Allinea MAP has a license option to suit you.

For local development on a single workstation/laptop:

  • Allinea MAP Workstation enables individuals to profile and optimize scalar, multithreaded or parallel code with up to 8 concurrent processes.

For floating users and development on HPC clusters and supercomputers Allinea MAP can be licensed as:

  • Allinea MAP Supercomputing for flexible profiling on your HPC system.  Choose a token (process) count and use the tokens in any combination - a 1024 token license permits one user to profile 1024 processes, or two to profile 512 processes and everything in between.

Allinea Forge licenses include the full Allinea MAP and Allinea DDT products:

  • Allinea Forge Workstation Parallel enables individuals to debug or profile parallel and multi-process applications on their workstation/laptop.
  • Alliena Forge Supercomputing licenses provide tokens that can be shared between Allinea DDT for debugging and Allinea MAP for profiling.