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Software development tools for science, research and industry

Trusted, supported solutions for use on C, C++ and Fortran high performance code on Linux. Supports codes for on x86_64, ARM®v8 -A architecture, IBM Power and NVIDIA CUDA.

  • Allinea Forge Professional - Create better code faster with Allinea Forge Professional, bringing together the most powerful debugging and profiling tools in HPC – Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP, for developing and optimizing high performance applications to professional standards. Includes scalable debugging & profiling, memory debugging, edit and compile, native remote client, version control integration, widest range of metrics for finding bottlenecks including I/O, PAPI, Lustre and custom metrics.
  • Allinea Performance Reports - Analyze and tune application performance with Allinea Performance Reports in a non-intrusive tool which analyzes the applications running on HPC systems to seek out inefficiencies and pinpoint exactly where to focus optimization work. Reveals inefficiency to users, highlighting the slowest applications at a glance including where applications are failing to: make maximum use of CPU features such as vectorization, use all available RAM, run free from I/O bottlenecks, spend optimum time in computation rather than in MPI synchronization.


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