allinea - Now part of ARM

Demo video

Allinea MAP in action

This video explores what Allinea MAP is - and shows how it easily finds performance bottlenecks and problems in code.

The features and strengths of MAP are shown in more detail on the MAP features page

Profiling MPI code - an example from CFD

MPI performance problems can be very easy to spot with MAP - this video explores how an I/O bottleneck is found and removed from a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) package.

Profiling C++ code  - an example from Genomics

The bioinformatics world uses massive amounts of computation to handle massive genetic sequencing data sets. Often used from Python, Java and shell scripts,  at the heart of many applications in this field are C++ libraries and packages to efficiently process the data and the most intense parts of the workload.

In this video we look at how multithreaded profiling in MAP shows some serious issues and helps speed up this vital work.

More information about this example can be found on two blog items that investigate this in detail.

Tutorial - Getting started profiling when working with a batch scheduler

In this video we see how to profile your application using Allinea MAP from inside a batch scheduler/resource manager such as SLURM, PBS, MOAB or LSF.