Allinea DDT: The debugger for C, C++ and F90 threaded and parallel code

Allinea DDT: The debugger for C, C++ and F90 threaded and parallel code

Research consistently shows 50% of programming time is spent debugging. Using the best debugger available and best practices slashes this time. 

Organizations that know the true cost of debugging turn to the debugger Allinea DDT to solve their problems faster.

Allinea's world-leading Linux C, C++ and F90 debugger is the route to being a more effective developer. Its unrivalled support for debugging multi-process and multi-threaded applications mean complex interacting components can be debugged easily.

When each hour of machine time is measured in thousands of dollars, fixing bugs quickly needs the most capable tools:

Dr Richard Graham

Allinea Software has been an outstanding collaboration partner for Oak Ridge National Laboratory. They have the right technology, expertise, and have engaged others player in the GPU computing community of interest to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr Richard Graham

Read more about how Allinea DDT is supporting ground-breaking research at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) in Tennessee.


Designed for novice and master alike

Allinea DDT's powerful intuitive GUI defines the standard of multi-process, multi-threaded debugging. Zero-click variable comparisons and powerful array visualizations simplify the complexity of debugging software wriitten to exploit today's increasingly parallel processors.

Expert users often live and breathe on the command-line - so all the benefits of automatic variable comparison and in-process memory debugging are also available in a single command, producing information-rich HTML and text log files for post-mortem analysis.

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Transfer your expertise to new architectures

Moving to a new architecture is challenging enough without learning a new toolchain at the same time. Allinea DDT runs everywhere - on your own laptop, the latest supercomputer and tomorrow's upcoming architectures. Allinea DDT keeps you productive on: Intel Xeon Phi , NVIDIA CUDA , ARM , MPI , OpenMP , IBM BlueGene/Q, OpenPOWER and many other architectures and models.


Best-practice training from parallel debugging experts

Maximize the results from your high-performance computing investment with on-site and web-based training courses from the experts in parallel debugging. A wide range of training materials and direct email access to our development team ensures you continue to get the very most out of your hardware and software for years to come.

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