allinea - Now part of ARM

Allinea Performance Reports licensing

Allinea Performance Reports let you concentrate on getting the most out of the applications that you run. With flexible licensing options to suit you, you are closer than ever to uncovering the efficiency that you deserve from your system.

Individual - for a single desktop or laptop, and supporting applications using up to 32 cores.

Our floating licences are token based. Each process in an application uses a single token - and the pool of tokens can be used by any user on a system.

Department - for departmental sized clusters with 64 tokens enabling a total of 64 processes to be running on a system simultaneously.

Division - supporting a total of 512 processes running on a system simultaneously.

Site - with token pools sizes of 2,048, 8,192 or 131,072 processes, even extreme scale users can understand their application performance.