Allinea Forge licensing

Allinea Forge is available with a license option to suit you.

For local development on a single workstation/laptop:

  • Allinea Forge Workstation - includes parallel and multi-process debugging and profiling support - enabling you to debug and profile up to 8 processes with no limit on the number of threads.  Includes CUDA support.

For floating users and development on HPC clusters and supercomputers Allinea Forge can be licensed as:

  • Allinea Forge Supercomputing for flexible developing on your HPC system.  Choose a token (process) count and use the tokens in any combination - a 1024 token license permits one user to debug or profile 1024 processes, or two to debug or profile 512 processes and everything in between.
  • CUDA support is available as an option to the Allinea Forge Supercomputing license.

Allinea Forge licenses include the full Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP products.