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Allinea Performance Reports videos


Our "Getting started with Allinea Performance Reports" video quickly shows how to get Allinea Performance Reports to analyze your applications - even when running inside a batch scheduler.

How Performance Reports helps tuning application performance

We've gathered a number of examples of Allinea Performance Reports in action - from genomics to computational fluid dynamics - to show how you can use them to help speed up the applications that you run.

Exploring the performance of a genomics package

Genomics codes for sequencing and variant calling are intensive users of CPU time. In this video we show how exploring the performance with an Allinea Performance Report provides the guidance that helps to run the application faster on the same hardware.

Tuning Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes

In this video we take a look at a CFD code - as Allinea Performance Reports highlights some problems to solve!

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Additional videos are available for every task our tools can help with: demonstrating debugging, performance profiling and performance analysis

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