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Allinea DDT adds day-one support for NVIDIA CUDA 6

Tue May 13, 2014

Allinea DDT 4.2.1 allows developers to maximize their use of Unified Memory and other new CUDA performance and usability features

Allinea Software today announced that the latest version of its debugging tools, Allinea DDT 4.2.1, has been tailored to offer full support for NVIDIA® CUDA® 6, the latest release of the parallel computing platform and programming model.

“Our debugging tool was released to coincide with the availability of the production release of CUDA 6, ensuring that developers could immediately access the tools they needed,” says Allinea Software CEO David Lecomber. “This Allinea DDT release shows yet again that anyone developing applications using the power of CUDA can rely on Allinea Software. Our tools are available when they need them most: now!”

The CUDA parallel programming model enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of GPU accelerators. The CUDA 6 platform features unified memory and a number of other new features that make parallel programming easier than ever and enable software developers to dramatically decrease the time and effort required to accelerate their scientific, engineering, enterprise and other applications. The production release of the CUDA 6 Toolkit is available today as a free download on the CUDA website.

“Unified memory will be transformative for codes, as it removes the need to manually copy data between the host CPU and accelerator. The ability to debug with Allinea DDT from day one will make a huge difference to developers who need tools that can scale out to their biggest systems and most challenging bugs. With these tools available, users can quickly deploy CUDA 6 in production,” Lecomber says.

“We worked closely with Allinea Software and PGI to provide world-class debugging capabilities for CUDA Fortran and OpenACC directives-based codes,” said Duncan Poole, senior manager of Strategic Alliances at NVIDIA.  “Our goal was to ensure that the best possible tools were available immediately for CUDA 6 users.”

In addition to working with NVIDIA and PGI Software, Allinea also worked closely with other major compiler vendors to ensure that Allinea DDT also supports their GPU capabilities.

Visit Allinea Software’s website for more information on Allinea DDT.