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Accelerating innovation in manufacturing

Computer aided engineering (CAE) using high performance computing is pervasive in manufacturing today. Simulations of aerodynamics, electromagnetics, noise, vibration, harshness and crash integrity are essential to bring safe and efficient products to market in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Computational fluid dynamics, general finite element methods and molecular modeling are today applied in an ever-widening number of sectors.Aircraft Engine

Software used can be commercial packages from independent software vendors (ISVs), open source or in-house codes. The key needs are:

  • Throughput - ensuring every simulation runs as quickly as possible - saving budgets and delivering products to market sooner. 
  • Reliability - the software must work correctly and reliably
  • Increasingly industry demands more complex models to simulate - requiring scalability, the ability to run on larger clusters or greater core counts.

Allinea Performance Reports helps users of CAE software on supercomputers and clusters to improve throughput: it analyzes issues that slow simulations such as poor mesh partitioning balance, I/O or erroneous use of CPU cores and memory.

Allinea Forge, our development tool suite for parallel and high performance code, helps ISV, open source and in-house code teams to increase the throughputreliability and scalability of their software. Forge profiles performance and debugs defects whether code is running on one or thousands of cores. 

  • Its parallel performance profiler helps developers to increase the speed of software, delivering throughput for the end user.
  • Its parallel debugger tackles root-causes of bugs faster - meaning more reliable software.
  • The Forge tools are scalable - which means that teams can still handle performance and bugs at the scales that their business and market demands.

Our Success Stories

performance profiler screen shots
Convergent Science's CFD ignites with Forge

Convergent Science is a world leader in internal combustion engine (ICE) simulation. With its primary clients based within the automotive industry, it is a major player in this specialized market.

The speed and capability of its CONVERGE computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software is vital to the company’s success, but developing high performance software to take advantage of the size of today’s systems and to meet customer demands is challenging.

With Allinea Forge, Convergent Science increased their performance scaling, allowing the company to stay ahead of the competition and enabling their clients to run much more efficiently on hundreds of processors.

Allinea Forge has had a huge payoff. It has unveiled performance bottlenecks in our code that have been there for years that we didn’t know were there and never would have been found without it!
Josh Strodtbeck, Senior Research Engineer

Allinea Forge Professional - the C, C++, F90 development tool suite
BAE Systems

The complex physics problems tackled every day by the software development team at BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) makes meeting deadlines while providing quality, reliable software a challenge. 

Allinea Forge - with the Allinea DDT debugger and Allinea MAP performance profiler enable the team to react quickly and deliver high-quality fast software on time for their mission.

Enterprise Tech's Timothy Prickett Morgan found out more about how BAE Systems are advancing their research and development by using the right tools and the right expertise. Read the article: BAE Systems Arms Clusters With GPU And Xeon Phi Accelerators.

We have access to the whole suite of Allinea tools to help us to achieve our mission and can rely on them when we need them most.
Pierre Moinier, Group Leader for Integrated Modelling Technologies at BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre

Scaling CFD at Argonne

Fluid dynamics researchers using Argonne’s supercomputer, Mira, are simulating more complex physics as a result of collaboration between Argonne and Allinea on scalable development tools. 

To provide CFD at the highest level, computing requirements grow fast - which means that high-scale simulations and scalable software are essential.

Debuggers are essential for our users as they scale their applications. Allinea scaled their debugger to perform well on leadership class systems like ours.
Kalyan Kumaran, Manager, Performance Engineering at ALCF