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Government Laboratories

Leadership computing facilities from Argonne to Zurich rely Allinea Software's development tools to break through problems at all scales – from 64 cores to 700,000.

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory - Allinea Software - case studyAllinea DDT helps scientists find an “impossible” bug that showed up at over 16,000 cores at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.


A plasma physics simulation that had previously run successfully crashes at over 16,000 cores on the IBM Blue Gene/Q system.


Run Allinea DDT in offline mode over the weekend and come back to find a report that pinpoints the problem.

Debuggers were essential to the process of migrating the early science applications onto Mira.
Kalyan Kumaran, Manager, Applications Performance Engineering at the ALCF

SciNet - Canada's largest supercomputer center

SciNet - Allinea Software - case studySciNet takes to Allinea’s debugging and profiling tools to accelerate software development on Canada’s leading HPC systems.


A weather forecasting code that worked on other platforms loses memory and runs out of space.


Run Allinea DDT to pinpoint an obscure memory leak.

Issues like this need quality tools to find the problem quickly. Without Allinea DDT, we might have never known the actual cause and would have continued to suspect the code the user was running. Having Allinea DDT saves us time, which leads to more results from our machines.
Dr. Daniel Gruner, CTO-Software, SciNet

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In the race to build the world’s fastest supercomputer, researchers need the best tools they can find. That’s why developers at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) are working with Allinea DDT.


As researchers scale up their code to work on the colossal OLCF machines, traditional debugging methods, such as printfs, are too time-consuming to be feasible.


Allinea DDT, which can quickly find problems, even on code running on more than 200,000 cores.

You need high-grade software tools that can scale along with your code - a debugger in particular - because when problems arise at scale, you are in a totally different universe
Joshua Ladd, Tools Project Technical Officer during the OLCF3 Project.

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