Debugging video demos and tutorials

These short tutorial videos are designed to help you get the most out of the Allinea DDT debugger.

The tutorials

Allinea DDT: Debugging an MPI program

Fixing Bugs

Fixing C++ memory leaks and crashes with Allinea DDT
Fixing a memory-access related crash with Allinea DDT

Installation & Setup

Install Allinea DDT using the command line interface
How to install Allinea DDT using the GUI

Starting Programs

Tutorial: Enabling Memory Debugging for Static and Dynamic Binaries
Start a non-interactive (offline) debugging session with Allinea DDT
Start an OpenMP code with Allinea DDT
Starting a sequential code with Allinea DDT
Getting started with Allinea DDT and an MPI program

Visualising data

Debug your program using distributed visualization (VisIt)
Visualize variables in a parallel environment
Multi-Dimensional Array Viewer
Work with variables