allinea - Now part of ARM

Debugging video demos and tutorials

These short tutorial videos are designed to help you get the most out of the Allinea DDT debugger.

The tutorials

Allinea DDT: Debugging an MPI program

Fixing Bugs

Fixing C++ memory leaks and crashes with Allinea DDT
Fixing a memory-access related crash with Allinea DDT

Installation & Setup

Install Allinea DDT using the command line interface
How to install Allinea DDT using the GUI

Starting Programs

Tutorial: Enabling Memory Debugging for Static and Dynamic Binaries
Start a non-interactive (offline) debugging session with Allinea DDT
Start an OpenMP code with Allinea DDT
Starting a sequential code with Allinea DDT
Getting started with Allinea DDT and an MPI program

Visualising data

Debug your program using distributed visualization (VisIt)
Visualize variables in a parallel environment
Multi-Dimensional Array Viewer
Work with variables