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Convergent Science ignites combustion simulation performance with Allinea Forge

performance profiler screen shots
Convergent Science's CFD ignites with Forge

Convergent Science is a world leader in internal combustion engine (ICE) simulation. With its primary clients based within the automotive industry, it is a major player in this specialized market.

The speed and capability of its CONVERGE computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software is vital to the company’s success, but developing high performance software to take advantage of the size of today’s systems and to meet customer demands is challenging.

With Allinea Forge, Convergent Science increased their performance scaling, allowing the company to stay ahead of the competition and enabling their clients to run much more efficiently on hundreds of processors.

Allinea Forge has had a huge payoff. It has unveiled performance bottlenecks in our code that have been there for years that we didn’t know were there and never would have been found without it!
Josh Strodtbeck, Senior Research Engineer