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ARM acquires Allinea: The exciting road ahead

Fri December 16, 2016 by David Lecomber

ARM acquires Allinea: The exciting road ahead

It’s with great excitement that we’re announcing that Allinea is now a part of ARM.

For over 10 years at Allinea we’ve been on an incredible journey to be your cross-platform tools provider for high performance computing (HPC).

It’s a journey that we continue to enjoy sharing: we love working with developers, scientists and engineers, and with educators and researchers, who share our passion for the software and solving some of the harder challenges of supercomputing.

We’re now ready to take another leap forward with you.

What’s new?

Allinea will integrate with the ARM HPC compiler and libraries engineering teams to become a new HPC Tools team within ARM’s Development Solutions Group.

HPC is special to us, and we know it’s special to you. As the HPC Tools team, we’ll continue to serve the same customers and partners – and for every processor architecture in HPC.

The whole Allinea organization remains together - as one HPC Tools team within ARM. We’re committed to supporting you with the same quality and dedication that you rely on from us.

Our product roadmap and commitment is the same or better. It still contains the same features, products and platforms. We will invest in new platforms and are committed to being the cross-platform tools vendor – we know that’s important to you too.

We’ll continue, through our existing website,, to make our tools and best practices for HPC software development and use available to you.

Why now?

It’s self-evident that HPC – and, more widely, parallel and distributed computing – is at a fascinating, exciting point.Today we can see that the reach of “our kind of computing” is no longer the preserve of scientific research.

Software and hardware advances are extending the bounds of what can and will be done with data and computation on clusters and supercomputers. Our customers and partners are seeing increasing demand from their users to support the existing and the new. We’ve seen that our tools, and the HPC systems that we know and love, are able to provide significant advantages in fields like Machine Learning which have insatiable demand for compute time.

Equally in the embedded computing space, today’s devices are increasingly parallel – and face similar software issues to those found in HPC – and that trend will only continue.

We want to expand the reach of Allinea’s tools to both embrace the evolution within HPC and to engage with new markets and technologies. In doing so, we can make sure that we continue to thrive and to invest in order to provide tools that are relevant to the challenges of HPC as HPC evolves.

Why ARM?

Working with a larger technology leader like ARM enables us to get there faster - for everybody.

Not only are we hiring, but we also welcome the additional bandwidth and talent of the existing ARM HPC tools team. We anticipate our customers will benefit from an accelerated roadmap.

But, and crucially for all of us at Allinea, ARM are committed to our unique position in HPC – continuing to invest in supporting what matters to the industry, to provide cross-platform tools for the processors, accelerators and systems that HPC uses, and to work with our customers and partners to help them be successful.

The future

Our customers, partners and friends have given us the insight and inspiration which has helped us to deliver in the past.

I’m immensely proud of what you have helped us to achieved together – and what my fantastic colleagues at Allinea have created with, and for, you.

Today, I’m looking forward to an exciting future – and, most of all, looking forward to sharing this with you all.