allinea - Now part of ARM


We have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Allinea to scale and deploy DDT on Titan and previous systems. We now see MAP as a performance tool that will help our users with the transition from Titan to Summit by providing a portable performance analysis solution.

Buddy Bland, Project Director for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

We needed a solution that could not only handle our very complicated code, but that could be used in a wide range of scales.

Dr Mike Hawkins
ECMWF - European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting

The right debugger can save everyone quite a bit of time, and that’s what we’re really trying to do with Allinea DDT – improve the time to solution for a development or investigation of a scientific problem.

Dr Paul Selwood
The Met Office

Getting HemeLB to scale to 50,000 ARCHER cores is a real achievement. We are thankful for the productive collaborations we enjoy with Allinea Software that have allowed us to reach these intoxicating heights, which are enabling us to study hemodynamics within the Circle of Willis for the first time.

Professor Peter Coveney, Director
Centre for Computational Science, UCL

If we make sure our resources are used more efficiently, we can support more users. It makes sense to be as efficient as we can be, and to identify and improve poorly performing applications.

Dr Erwin Laure, Director, PDC Center for High-Performance Computing

The tools have just made it so much easier to debug MPI or multi-threaded programs.

Adam Caprez, HPC Applications Specialist
Holland Computing Center, University of Nebraska

I took one of our standard cases and ran it through MAP and could see all the bottlenecks.  I knew right away where to start chasing things down.

Josh Strodtbeck, Senior Research Engineer
Convergent Science

Researchers in areas like engineering just want to improve and run their simulations, without having to learn too much about the detail of the system – and Allinea Software’s tools are ideal for helping them.

Dr. Xavier Besseron, Research Associate
University of Luxembourg

We have access to the whole suite of Allinea tools to help us to achieve our mission and can rely on them when we need them most. Whether for modelling and simulation of computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics or the other complex algorithms used in development of the company's maritime and air platforms, the coding is supported by Allinea Software's debugging and profiling products

Pierre Moinier, Group Leader for Integrated Modelling Technologies
BAE Systems

Squeezing the performance out of the newest architectures requires more in-depth understanding of code design, memory placement, and the complex relationships between different parallel coding paradigms than ever before. Allinea DDT is a tool that helps programmers and scientists like us dig down to the levels where print statements cannot reach.

Dr. Vincent C. Betro, Computational Scientist
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The first time I used it was to debug an MPI code and I found it was the only tool that could solve the problem.

Daniel Trad, An experienced researcher

Issues like this need quality tools to find the problem quickly. Without Allinea DDT, we might have never known the actual cause and would have continued to suspect the code the user was running. Having Allinea DDT saves us time, which leads to more results from our machines.

Dr. Daniel Gruner, CTO-Software

These students are the cream of the crop – and the Allinea tools will definitely help them to become more competent computational scientists.

Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Supercomputing Development and Applications Specialist

Debuggers were essential to the process of migrating the early science applications onto Mira.

Kalyan Kumaran, Manager
Argonne National Laboratory

I could present a couple screenshots of Allinea MAP to our clients and they could see from these graphs how their application was performing and changing at scale.

Oliver Perks, High Performance Systems Group
University of Warwick

People were impressed with the results Christine achieved using Allinea DDT and assumed she was a highly educated computer science technician; whereas, at the time, I think she might have taken just one ‘intro to computer science’ course.

Dr. Shawn Matott, Computational scientist
University at Buffalo’s Center for Computational Research

Allinea DDT is a real time-saver. The problem was particularly difficult to understand because it happened only in this context on one particular task. With Allinea DDT, it only took a few minutes to see this bug. Once we knew the location, it was very easy to fix.

Hendryk Bockelmann

You need high-grade software tools that can scale along with your code - a debugger in particular - because when problems arise at scale, you are in a totally different universe.

Joshua Ladd, Tools Project Technical Officer during the OLCF3 Project
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Introducing high quality and easy-to-use tools quickly demystifies debugging and profiling. With Allinea Software’s tools it’s no longer a dark art but an enjoyable experience that gives great results.

Dr Tim Stitt
University of Notre Dame

With Allinea DDT, debugging is fast and enjoyable. It’s easy to just pick up – it is outstanding for debugging multithreaded and parallel software.

Neil Catling, Chief Software Scientist

Allinea Performance Reports were exactly what we wanted – simple and non-intrusive, and quickly identifying potentially problematic applications.

Dr Erwin Laure, Director
PDC Center for High-Performance Computing, KTH Stockholm

We’re very pleased with the results of our collaboration with Allinea Software over the past years and we want this to continue. They are clearly an active, technology leader, with the right product already available, and unrivalled expertise in parallel performance.

Pierre Leca, Head of Simulation and Information Sciences Department