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About us

About Allinea Software, an ARM company

Large scale numerical and data-driven computing provides competitive benefits to industry and breakthroughs in science. Supercomputers, clusters and cloud services perform these computations in ever wider and larger deployments - and every breakthrough delivered is a result of the software that runs upon them.

Exploiting large scale computing is a demanding challenge - and requires software that runs fast, and runs right.

That's where Allinea comes in: we create powerful development and performance analysis tools that enable developers and users of software in high performance computing to create and deploy applications that achieve the most efficient use of their systems.

We work closely with our partners who lead in the field of High Performance Computing systems and technologies to ensure we provide the leading software tools.

Owners of 70% of the world's largest supercomputers and clusters rely on Allinea tools for their missions. Our customers are leaders in government supercomputing, such as the US Department of Energy, NOAA, NASA and CEA, major Fortune 500 companies including Shell, Emerson, Oracle and Corning, and research groups and educators at universities such as Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge and Edinburgh.


We see a future where supercomputers, clusters and cloud services provide life-changing scientific discovery and advances and savings for industry at a breakneck pace.

It is a world where application developers and users - professionals, scientists and students - reach the potential within their minds and within the high performance computing resources in their hands as fast as possible.

Enabling personalized simulation for clinical surgery, drug discovery, developing the next generation of aircraft and protecting national security, predicting the path of hurricanes or climate change are too important to wait.


Our mission is to enable software in high performance computing to be highly efficient and successful in every aspect: from the time it takes to create software to the time, energy and resources that the software takes to run. We do that through the software and expertise that we provide to users and leading technology providers.

No matter how complex and parallel the future becomes, we work to transform the experience and capability of those that create and use the software of high performance computing to achieve the maximum benefit possible.