Get Support

If you have an issue with any Allinea product you may report it by emailing support@allinea.com or using the form below.

To get a faster resolution to your problem, please let us know your system details:

  1. The product you are using and version number (Allinea DDT, MAP or Performance Reports).
    For DDT and MAP:
    use the Help -> About menu item.
    For Performance Reports:
    run perf-report -v
  2. The hardware -- eg. x86_64, Power etc.
  3. The operating system distribution and version number -- eg. SuSE 11, Red Hat EL 6 etc.
  4. The MPI, version number and interconnect hardware
  5. The compiler used and its version number
  6. The description of the issue : what you expected to happen and what actually happened
  7. The exact copy of any warning or error messages that you may have encountered
  8. The Allinea log files:
    For DDT and MAP:
    check the Help -> Logging -> Automatic menu item before starting your job.
    For Performance Reports:
    start with perf-report -log perf.log and add your arguments.

If your software is not up-to-date then please install the latest version first as your issue may have already been fixed.

We will respond to your problem quickly and aim to reply by the next working day.

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