Download Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP

Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP are part of one unified environment - you only need to install one binary package. The current release is version 4.2.1.

Windows and OS/X builds are remote clients only - they allow you to connect to a cluster and debug or profile on it but do not let you debug and profile programs running on Windows or OS/X.

Upgrading to a newer version

If you have a current support contract, all upgrades are free - just download the latest version and install it on top of or side-by-side with your current version.


Platform Versions
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
6.0+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel) + Intel Xeon Phi KNC
5.7+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
5.7+ 32-bit (AMD/Intel)
SuSE Enterprise Linux Server 11+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
11+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel) + Intel Xeon Phi KNC
Ubuntu 12.04+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
10.04+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
12.04+ 32-bit (ARM)
11.04+ 32-bit (ARM)
AIX 5.3+ 64-bit (PowerPC)
BlueGene/Q BlueGene/Q
Cray X-series SLES 11
Intel Xeon Phi KNC
KNC + RHEL 6.0+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
KNC + SLES 11+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)

Other Linux distributions:

  • Centos, Fedora and Scientific Linux should use a Red Hat Enterprise Linux build
  • Gentoo and OpenSuSE should use a SuSE Enterprise Linux Server build
  • Debian and Mint should use an Ubuntu build

Remote clients

Platform Versions
Mac OS/X Mountain Lion+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
Windows XP+ 32-bit (AMD/Intel)
XP+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
Linux See the Downloads section above. All Linux builds may be used as remote clients.

Remote client downloads for older versions

Download older Alllinea tools remote clients for Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux.

Source code

Source code for the GPL 3, GPL 2, LGPL 2.1 and CPL licensed programs and libraries in the Allinea environment.