Develop with Allinea Forge

Develop with Allinea ForgeThe industry standard development suite

Leading enterprises and labs that need high performance computing rely on Allinea Software's development tools to keep their software applications running smoothly. Read our broad selection of case studies to see what our customers are saying and achieving with Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP.

Improved onsite tool utilization

A shared, intuitive user interface between the debugger and profiler with a single, shallow learning curve ensures scientific developers and HPC experts alike get the maximum value from your tools investment.

Full commercial support

Every customer has direct access to our support and development teams, with the vast majority of requests answered within a single working day. Our experts ensure you never have more problems with your tools than with your own code.

Allinea has spent 10 years in HPC and continues to invest actively in development and support, ensuring everything from the latest MPI versions to NVIDIA CUDA and Intel® Xeon Phi™ hardware remain fully-supported by your tools.

Fast-track rollout for new installations

Improve your users’ success and system efficiency quickly and easily with the Allinea Fast Track Rollout.

Onsite and remote training packages

Allinea delivers value, not just software. We offer a range of one- and two-day onsite training courses to bring your support team and key personnel up to speed with your new tools.

Allinea DDT – powerful industry-standard debugging

The leading graphical debugging tool for scientists and software engineers developing parallel applications on CPUs, GPUs and coprocessors.

Its powerful intuitive graphical interface with automatic detection of divergent behavior and lightning-fast performance at all scales combine to make Allinea DDT the preferred tool for users in research, academia and industry in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Allinea MAP – intuitive lightweight profiling

Allinea MAP shows you which lines of code are slow and gets everything else out of your way.

Whether at one process or ten thousand, Allinea MAP is design to work out-of-the-box with no need for instrumentation and no danger of creating large, unmanageable data files.

Is the compiler vectorizing this loop correctly? Is this code CPU-bound, or memory-bound? Which MPI calls is it waiting at? Allinea MAP answers all these questions and more in a beautiful, intuitive GUI.

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