Allinea DDT CUDA Education pack

The best-in-class tools to deliver the best in-class experience

Parallel programming with CUDA is difficult. To ensure maximum efficiency, debugging expertise within this environment has become an essential skill for parallel programmers today. We’ve worked with experienced computer science lecturers to develop our Allinea DDT CUDA Education pack to help you enhance your CUDA courses through the addition of debugging.

What is the purpose of the Allinea DDT CUDA Education pack?

The Allinea DDT CUDA Education pack is designed to simplify the complex art of debugging CUDA code and to make it easier for you to teach. Allinea DDT is recognized as the most advanced debugger for parallel programming via CUDA on Linux and so is uniquely positioned to give your students the best possible in-class learning experience.

The key objectives of the pack are to:

  • assist you in the introduction or enhancement of the debugging aspect of your CUDA course;
  • provide your learners with real-world, tangible and relevant knowledge, skills and experience that will enhance their future employability;
  • give your learners access to a market-leading debugging tool within your institution’s budget.

Who is the pack for?

  • Lecturers
  • Professors
  • Instructors
  • Course Directors
  • Teachers
  • University Academics

The pack has been designed to save you time whether you are:

  • already teaching a course in parallel programming via CUDA, which should include dynamic debugging;
  • developing a course in parallel programming via CUDA; or
  • just starting to think about developing a course in parallel programming via CUDA.

What's in the pack?

The pack includes:

Licence pack

  • Eleven Workstation CUDA scalar licences valid until 31st July 2014


  • Introduction to Allinea Software
  • PGI white paper (by Allinea Software)
  • Debugging CUDA white paper (by Allinea Software)
  • CUDA-GDB paper (by NVIDIA)
  • Suggested reading list
  • Pre-recorded webinar: "Allinea DDT and CUDA: Develop new efficient software"

Teaching material

  • Lecture - Introduction to CUDA debugging
  • Hands-on training, which includes walkthrough examples and exercises
  • Sample programs

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