Allinea Performance Reports

Analyze and Tune Application Performance

Allinea Performance Reports analyzes the applications running on your system to measure their performance and provides the clear tuning guidance you need to improve them.

Increase application efficiency and boost system throughput

Your HPC system or compute cluster is a valuable resource – it’s vital to ensure that it is being used well.

Allinea Performance Reports works without instrumenting or recompiling applications – so that you can apply it to the applications that matter, instantly – and tune their performance quickly.

For developers, scientists, application analysts, system administrators and owners

  • Identify the applications making inefficient use of system resources
  • Tune production applications to make better use of the cluster
  • Rapidly deploy new systems with guided tuning of key applications
  • Pinpoint the impact of system configuration on performance
  • Choose the right hardware for the applications you run
  • Reduce support costs by triaging performance bottlenecks faster

A single page report for users and administrators

Clear and concise reports make finding and sharing performance issues easier.

Allinea Performance Reports answers the key questions with real data and gives guidance on solutions:

  • Is the application well-matched to the system?
  • Are CPU performance extensions being used?
  • Are memory cache problems costing cycles?
  • Is I/O or communication affecting performance?
  • Are threads using the cores well?
  • What configuration might suit this application better?

With less than 5% slowdown on most applications you can use it for the workloads you care about:

  • Saves data in HTML, CSV or text forms that you can share
  • Create performance awareness within your users
  • Integrates easily with existing system logs and monitoring systems
  • Log and compare CPU, MPI, OpenMP and IO for all measured application runs
  • Build valuable data on key application resource usage for your next hardware purchase
  • Check performance regressions after library and system updates

Want to learn more?

Watch the short video or browse through our selection of example reports .