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    • Increase application performance
    • Understand application behavior

What is the Allinea environment?

Industry-leading debugging with Allinea DDT, reimagined profiling with Allinea MAP and code characterization with Allinea Performance Reports.

Allinea environment products work in harmony through an intuitive common interface. Moving between tools in the Allinea environment is as fluid and natural as can be, increasing tool uptake and reducing the need for training courses.

Allinea Software is well-known in HPC for its beautiful, intelligent interfaces, world-class performance at the very largest scales and incredibly helpful, open support staff. The Allinea environment gets you the answers you need to get back to doing science.

Allinea DDT - fix bugs effortlessly

Allinea DDT features

The leading graphical debugging tool for scientists and so ftware engineers developing parallel applications on CPUs and GPUs.

Its powerful diagnostic capability, intuitive graphical interface and lightning performance - even on the largest systems - combine to make Allinea DDT the preferred tool for users in research, academia and industry in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Allinea MAP - speed up your code and run at higher scales

Allinea MAP features

An MPI profiler that just works, without slowing down your program.

Allinea MAP shows you which lines of code are slow and gets everything else out of your way.

No need to instrument your code or remember arcane libraries and settings. Allinea MAP just works, out of the box, whether at one process or ten thousand, with just 5% overhead.

Is the compiler vectorizing this loop correctly? Is this code CPU-bound, or memory-bound? Which MPI calls is it waiting at? Allinea MAP answers all these questions and more in a beautiful, intuitive GUI based on the industry-leading Allinea DDT.

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Allinea Performance Reports - Characterize application performance

Allinea Performance Reports

How do you check that, in production, software using a HPC system is using it efficiently? It is easy to confuse utilization with efficiency - but they are not the same.

Allinea Performance Reports helps you address the question of quality of utilization.

Are applications stalling on file I/O? Spending more time in MPI communication than real work? Using the processor's vector units - or missing out on over 90% of the available FLOP/s rate?

This tool provides a one page HTML report for a job - collecting, analyzing and reporting those key metrics that impact performance inside a normal run. It can be used without changing either the source code or the application - removing the barriers and opening access to everyone.

For a system owner or sponsor, the report helps target user support, user access, code development, configuration or hardware and system changes - enabling more effective, efficient, core hours.

For a system's users, their budget - their core-hour allocations - limit the simulations or scientific results that can be achieved. Allinea Performance Reports inform the choices that can maximize the outcomes from that limit.

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