Allinea Software Scales Up Down Under At iVEC And CSIRO

Mon November 5, 2012

Allinea DDT makes debugging at scale easy in Australia

Kensington, Western Australia, iVEC and CSIRO are busy preparing to receive their latest purchase – one of Cray’s next-generation Cascade supercomputers. Their new machine will arrive at the Pawsey Centre in 2013 with Allinea DDT installed to provide debugging for its Petascale-class applications.

iVEC and CSIRO’s researchers are already unleashing the power of Allinea DDT in their existing environment. Having access to Allinea DDT whilst developers prepare their software for the arrival of the system is enabling them to fix bugs faster and ensure that codes are ready on day one.

ivec csiroDavid Lecomber, CTO of Allinea Software said, “Allinea DDT is recognized for its ease of use and for its capabilities that will enable the Pawsey Centre developers to really shine – turning round bugs quickly and enables them to achieve the science outcomes for which iVEC and CSIRO are well known. We’re excited to be playing a part in their success.”

iVEC and CSIRO aim to boost Australian research in everything from high-energy physics and medical imaging to mining and urban planning. The Pawsey Centre supercomputers will support research into geosciences, astronomy, nanotechnology and biosciences  and will support two major radio telescope projects – the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) and the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), processing their data in real time.

ivec csiro telescopesiVEC Supercomputing Development and Applications Specialist Rebecca Hartman-Baker, who has previously taught debugging, said, “The purchase of this advanced supercomputer and suite of development tools represents a great investment in the future of Australian research. Having access to such power will allow scientists to explore areas of research that were previously unavailable.”

“Allinea DDT will help us get there faster and more accurately – I would have finished my PhD some months earlier if I'd had a tool like Allinea DDT!” added Hartman-Baker.