Allinea DDT tutorials

These tutorials have been designed to help you get the most out of Allinea DDT's features. On average, each video is about one minute long and provides step-by-step instructions on each topic.

The tutorials

Click the links below to access the videos.

Installation & Setup

Starting the licence server
Install Allinea DDT using the command line interface
How to install Allinea DDT using the GUI

Starting Programs

Start a non-interactive debugging session with Allinea DDT
Start an OpenMP code with Allinea DDT
Starting a sequential code with Allinea DDT
Getting started with Allinea DDT and an MPI program

Fixing Bugs

Enable memory debugging
Manage regular crashes

Visualising data

Debug your program using distributed visualization (VisIt)
Visualize variables in a parallel environment
Multi-Dimensional Array Viewer
Work with variables