• The unified toolkit for faster software development
    • Reduce development time
    • Increase application performance
    • Understand application behavior
  • Fix bugs effortlessly
    • Powerful diagnostics
    • Intuitive graphical interface
    • Lightning performance
    • Superior scalability
  • Speed up your code and run at higher scales

    The application performance profiler that works without slowing you down

  • Discover performance, today

    Improve the quality of your cluster usage by identifying the applications that waste your resources

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The Allinea environment is an essential toolkit for developers and computational scientists looking to get results faster.

With ease of use and scalability at its core, this intuitive interface is the preferred toolkit for users in research, academia and industry in the US, Europe and Asia.

  • Read case studies that show how the Allinea environment is used to fix software problems at scale - from the no 1 Supercomputer for Open Science to universities and commercial users.
  • See how Allinea MAP can transform how you optimize - saving development and machine time to get results quicker.
  • Use the most capable and easy-to-use debugger Allinea DDT to improve how you fix software defects.
  • Discover how Allinea Performance Reports characterize and understand the performance of HPC application runs in just one single-page HTML report.

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