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Thu April 21, 2016 by Mark O'Connor

Allinea MAP isn't just a lightweight profiler to help you optimize your code. It also lets you add your own metrics with just a couple of lines of code. To show how this works, I'm going to add PAPI's instructions-per-cycle metric to MAP.

The PAPI instructions-per-cycle metric measures the mean number of instructions executed per CPU cycle. This is often used as a proxy for computational intensity – values below 1.0 suggest the CPU is spending a lot of time stalled. Modern superscalar architectures can issue many instructions per cycle, but for HPC applications, 1.0 is generally considered acceptable.

MAP will let us track this metric over time and correlate it to our existing CPU, MPI and I/O metrics as well as against our source code. We're going to use the PAPI library to add this as a custom metric, but you can use the same approach to add any kind of metric you...

PAPI IPC as a custom metric in Allinea MAP
Sat March 5, 2016 by Development Team

For Fortran and F90 debugging is - like all languages - inevitable. We look at debugging tips for Fortran and F90 developers to show why and how to use a debugger for some typical bugs.

Do it the right way, not the write way

The F90 and Fortran write (or print) statement for debugging is wired into the brain for many developers - but it just doesn’t do the job. Using write or print is iterative.

Mon February 29, 2016 by Esther Marnoch, Allinea

Download Our 6 Key Steps For Getting Ready For Intel's Knights Landing.

Tue December 22, 2015 by The Development Team
What are dangling pointers?

Dangling pointers are pointers whose memory has been freed but which have not been set to null (or 0x0). This allows a particularly tricky class of bug to arise, because it is often possible for subsequent code to keep on using the dangling pointer and to keep on getting valid-looking data – until suddenly that memory is repurposed for something else!

Tue December 15, 2015 by Mark O'Connor

Deeper profiling, improved memory debugging, new offline features and more - make sure your system is updated to use version 6.0 of Allinea Forge and Performance Reports to avoid missing out!

Sat November 14, 2015 by special guest Dr Vince Betro

Hello, Student Cluster Competition participants! I am excited to get to work with you again…you may remember me as one of the University of Tennessee coaches from years past, and no matter how far I travel, HPC is always near and dear to my heart.

Wed October 21, 2015 by Mark O'Connor

This year we're proud to be sponsoring the Student Cluster Competition at SC15. One of the key codes teams will have to optimize for their systems is the classic Linpack benchmark. I decided to have a go on one of our test systems to see what the students are up against.